The Travel

Everything in life starts with a learning, although they
say that you learn from mistakes, we prefer to take that
knowledge from those who have already committed
them and with that experience, they have developed
almost perfect programs to effectively manage to
rehabilitate and release a great number of animals, is
that why (and because travel is never get older) we
started this pilgrimage, the route drawn only includes
two countries, nothing more and nothing less than the
largest in Latin America, both in space and in
development of conservation programs.

The first one, Brazil, where we are still after three
months of travel, with approximately 30 CETAS
(Triagem centers of wild animals) only responsible for
receiving and allocating wild animals victims of traffic
and anthropogenic accidents, then are The
rehabilitation centers, which are mostly specific to
each species or animal group and, if this were not
enough, all zoos in the country have as their main
function environmental education and conservation.

We continue the journey entering to the colossal
Argentina, although we still can not give testimony of
their work, we have our hopes placed on that learning
will be so much, the first center to visit in this country is
the so-called house of the birds “Guira Oga” , In the
missionary jungle, then spend the winter days in the
province of Santa Fe where the integral farm “Living
Nature” is, an invaluable example of self-sustainability
and work. Ending where the continent is practically
finished, in the city of Ushuaia, to have an ice cream
dessert after this banquet. Finally after 10 or 11 months
of travel we return to Venezuela ready to put into
practice everything we have learned and prepare to
receive all those who have received us and are now
also part of this magical project.

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